Pritchett Engineering & Planning Staff  (Baby Noah supplies entertainment by turning the lights on and off a lot and keeping us stocked in Cheerios)

Pritchett Engineering & Planning Staff  (Baby Noah supplies entertainment by turning the lights on and off a lot and keeping us stocked in Cheerios)

Jocelyn P. Pritchett, PE

President,  Civil Engineer, City Planner

Ph: (601) 497-5855

     Education    M.S., Civil Engineering,     Georgia Tech, 1999    M.S., City Planning,      Georgia Tech, 1999    B.S., Civil Engineering,   Mississippi State, 1990



M.S., Civil Engineering, Georgia Tech, 1999

M.S., City Planning,  Georgia Tech, 1999

B.S., Civil Engineering, Mississippi State, 1990


Ms. Pritchett, the owner and founder of Pritchett Engineering and Planning, LLC, has served as project manager and task leader for a variety of transportation  planning and design projects ranging from railroad to highway and bridge design to general transportation plans.  She has worked for several nationally recognized environmental and engineering firms. Her experience includes a period as the Mississippi Department of Transportation as Assistant Division Engineer for Environment.

Joce's Design Engineering experience has included roadway and drainage design, striping design, bridge design, hydrology studies, and various civil engineering projects. Her planning experience has included transportation studies, noise studies, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, feasibility studies, public meetings and community advisory team involvement, alternatives analysis, and context sensitive design for a variety of projects.  This variety provides her with a comprehensive understanding of the processes required by various agencies and the elements required to evaluate and minimize potential impacts and design sound transportation projects.


Cecil Vick

Senior Planner

Ph: (601) 624-2594

     Education    B.A., Liberal Arts,   Belhaven University, 1970    M.A., Liberal Arts,   University of TN, 1971



B.A., Liberal Arts, Belhaven University, 1970

M.A., Liberal Arts, University of TN, 1971


Cecil is an Senior Transportation Planner and Environmental and Right of Way Manager with Pritchett Engineering and Planning. Before joining Pritchett, Cecil was employed by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), the U. S. Postal Service (USPS), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), ABMB Engineers, and Stantec Consulting.

He worked extensively with transportation planning, right of way, and NEPA programs. Cecil has managed environmental studies for both the U.S. Postal Service and the Federal Highway Administration. For the past fifteen years he was the official designated to review and approve all environmental studies for highway transportation projects in Mississippi. He worked closely with the Vicksburg Office of the CORPS of Engineers and with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to help develop the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s extensive wetland and habitat mitigation banking programs.

Steve Reeves, PE

Civil Engineer

Ph: (601) 941-7278

     Education    B.S., Civil Engineering   University of Mississippi, 1979



B.S., Civil Engineering University of Mississippi, 1979


Steve has extensive experience in roadway design QA/QC and plan review. Prior to his position with Pritchett Engineering & Planning, he was employed with the Mississippi Department of Transportation for over 30 years.

Mr. Reeves has been a member of the Mississippi Engineering Society and the National Society of Professional Engineers since 2004. For nine years, he was a member of the AASHTO Technical Committee on Roadside Safety. He served as a chapter author on the latest edition of the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide.

John Ward, SCET

Sr Engineering Technician

Ph: (601) 497-1616

   Education    A.A.S., Drafting and Design Technology,   Copiah-Lincoln Community College


A.A.S., Drafting and Design Technology, Copiah-Lincoln Community College


John Ward brings over 30 years of experience with the Mississippi DOT to Pritchett Engineering & Planning.  He worked as a technician and designer in the Roadway Design Division for most of his career.  Upon his retirement in Dec of 2013 he held the position of CADD Applications Manager.  During his tenure at MDOT, John developed extensive Microstation experience specializing in workspace and interface design, user support, and training. He is also one of the most experienced Geopak designers in the state.  

John was the developer and primary author of MDOT’s Project CADD standards and procedures as well as the author of the official Roadway Design CADD Manual.  His additional skills include Microsoft Office, Microstation Raster, Web Page Editing, Axiom Software and Script Programming.

Stephanie Brown, PE

Civil Engineer

Ph: (601) 497-9373

     Education    B.S., Civil Engineering,   University of Missouri - Rolla, 2001



B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Missouri - Rolla, 2001


Stephanie began her career as an engineer with the Federal Highway Administration, and has served in both the design and construction phases for various transportation highway projects.  As a field construction engineer, she gained experience in the field production of a highway project.  As a project manager and task leader, she gained experience in the office production of highway projects including use of Mississippi Department of Transportation’s ProjectWise. 

Her project experience has included highways in federally managed lands, state highways, and local roads.  She has a comprehensive understanding of the transportation engineering processes required during the various stages of a highway project.  Stephanie has provided design and construction engineering for projects in Mississippi, Georgia, California, and Washington DC.

Chris Herron, EI

Jr. Civil Engineer

Ph: (601) 218-1489

     Education    B.S., Civil Engineering,   Jackson State University, 2013    M.S., Civil Engineering,   Jackson State University, 2014



B.S., Civil Engineering, Jackson State University, 2013

M.S., Civil Engineering, Jackson State University, 2014


Chris is a recent graduate of Jackson State University’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.  He has over 18 years of experience in multiple areas of construction, including commercial, bridge, and residential projects which lends to his ability to contribute on a multitude of projects. He is currently pursuing a M.S in Civil Engineering at Jackson State through a Department of Homeland Security Scholarship.  

Since joining the Pritchett Engineering and Planning team, he has assisted on hydraulic bridge QA/QC, CLOMR, roadway design quantities, roadway QA/QC, and roadway drainage design quantities. Chris is also Pritchett Engineering and Planning's chief construction inspector.

Megan Cook, RPA

Sr. Archaeologist

Ph: (270) 559-6663

     Education    M.A., Anthropology,   University of Mississippi, 2013    B.S., Anthropology,   Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2007



M.A., Anthropology, University of Mississippi, 2013

B.S., Anthropology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2007


Megan is an archaeologist who has been working in the field since she was 10 years old, thanks to a shared box of doughnuts. She is a member of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) and Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). While her primary research interests are in prehistoric ceramics of the Southeast, Mrs. Cook has participated in archaeology across the United States as well as in Abydos, Egypt.

She has experience in ceramic analysis and curation, managing field crews, zooarchaeology, archaeological illustration, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and magnetometry survey methods, and is well versed in SPSS statistics software. States she has worked in include Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, and Wyoming. Agencies for much of her work include the Illinois Department of Transportation Archaeological Project (ITARP), U.S. Forest Service, and the National Park Service, and numerous private cultural resource management companies.   


Haley Streuding, RPA

Sr. Archaeologist

Ph: (601) 497-9755

     Education    M.A., Nautical Archaeology,   Texas A & M University, 2014    B.A., Anthropology,   University of Southern Mississippi, 2007



M.A., Nautical Archaeology, Texas A & M University, 2014

B.A., Anthropology, University of Southern Mississippi, 2007


Haley is a 2007 graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, where she received a BA in Anthropology. She has experience in all phases of archaeology throughout the state of Mississippi, as well as laboratory experience analyzing archaeological remains from various prehistoric sites, specifically ceramics. Additionally, she has experience with GIS and GIS software, such as ArcGIS. She recently received an MA in Nautical Archaeology from Texas A&M University. During graduate school, she worked as an assistant conservator at the Texas A&M Conservation Research Laboratory, conserving historic artifacts from both land and submerged sites. In 2010, she participated in the excavation of a late Bronze Age shipwreck at Cape Gelidonya, Turkey. Her most recent job was as the lead archaeological resource advisor for the National Park Service during the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup. Haley is a member of the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), and the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). She has recently become a Registered Professional Archaeologist.   

Van Killen

Natural Resource Scientist

Ph: (662) 719-0285

     Education    B.S., Wildlife Management,   Delta State University, 2008                          A.S., Biology,   Delta State Community College, 2006     



B.S., Wildlife Management, Delta State University, 2008                    

A.S., Biology, Delta State Community College, 2006   


Van performs Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys and Wetland Delineations, often in conjunction with Phase I ESAs, on properties requiring National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) assessments.   As a Professional Biologist, Van has experience conducting Biological Assessments on federally protected plant and animal species in accordance with Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act. Van has experience writing wetland mitigation plans, including site preparation, invasive species control, hydrology restoration and tree planting.  Van is proficient in Arc GIS and creates detailed maps for various viewers.  Van also performs soil and water contamination assessments. Before joining Pickering, Van worked with The United States Forest Service as a Biological Technician performing wildlife management techniques, collecting biological data, conducting wildlife surveys and GIS mapping on the San Juan National Forest. 

Alicia Meeks

Environmental Scientist and Biologist

Ph: (206) 779-9425

     Education    M.S., Fisheries Science, University of Washington  , 2002                          B.S., Biology,   West Texas A&M University, 1997     



M.S., Fisheries Science, University of Washington, 2002                    

B.S., Biology, West Texas A&M University, 1997   


Alicia is an environmental professional with experience throughout her career in a wealth of natural and industrial settings. In her 12-year tenure as a consultant, she has served clients in areas covering water and sediment quality, biology, chemistry, restoration, spill response, and environmental compliance. She has provided project support from the phases of planning and permitting through construction. Her key strengths include effective communication and facilitation skills. Organizational and detail-oriented capabilities allow me to prepare insightful and informative analyses, and she has proven to be successful in solving problems and coordinating environmental information for use by peers, industry, and the public.


Office Dog

Ph:  (spark doesn't have very good phone skills)

Spark serves as the Office Dog.  He comes almost every day except Friday.  His primary skills include untying peoples shoelaces, chewing computer cords and running around from office to office to check on everyone.  He assists the archaeologists by riding around in their coveralls while they wash artifacts.  He has also been known to assist Brittany with a proposal or two although, his input is rarely helpful.  

Spark does not have a business phone (his feet are too small to hold one) but he can be reached by email at  

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